Every Drop Counts: Water, Food, and Global Public Health (ENSP360)

Spring 2018

In-depth interdisciplinary study of the public health issues related to water use for global food production. Topics included accessibility and availability of safe water for agriculture worldwide, potential microbiological and chemical hazards in agricultural water, alternative water sources such as reclaimed wastewater and return flows, food safety approaches to managing agricultural water, and agricultural influences on surface and groundwater quality. Political, social, and economic factors relating to agricultural water were addressed, with special focus on regions that are leaders in innovative water management and regions where access to clean water for agriculture is a major challenge. Classes included lectures, discussions, and field-trips.


San Diego Rapid Response Network

The San Diego Rapid Response Network (SDRRN) is a coalition of human rights and service organizations, attorneys, and community leaders dedicated to aiding immigrants and their families in the San Diego border region. I volunteer with SDRRN as an airport guide, helping asylum seeking families navigate the airport on their journey to reunite with family or friends in the U.S. as they await immigration hearings.

Volunteer (2018-present).

Yeast Culture Club

“Exploring the art and science of fermentation.” This club was started by a small group of graduate students at the University of Maryland to facilitate a sense of community in the Plant Science and Landscape Architecture department and to explore new interests together. Over the course of ~4 years, the YCC brewed countless batches of beer, made botanically-scented soaps, foraged for and cooked with edible wild mushrooms and plants, fermented sauerkrauts, mustards, and hot sauces, dress-rehearsed defense presentations, and supported each other through the rollercoasters of graduate school and life.

Founding member (2014), former president (2014-2016), member (2014-2018).


All-woman vocal ensemble dedicated to preserving and sharing traditional music from Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. Orfeia’s repertoire spans the rich and diverse musical heritage of Eastern Europe, Bulgaria, Russia, Georgia and the Balkans, from traditional to sacred and from the Middle Ages to modern day. The captivating sounds of the Balkans are given voice through lush harmonies, unique dissonances and vocal ornaments, unusual rhythms, village songs, custom songs with overlapping lines, antiphonal songs with drones, seasonal music, dance music, and children’s songs.

Former member (2009-2018), board member (2011-2018), treasurer (2011-2016), vice-president (2016-2018).